About Jamul Wireless

JAMUL WIRELESS was formed by Justin Paine in 2010, as a means to provide his family's ranch with a high speed affordable internet connection. Since its inception JAMUL WIRELESS has grown to provide the Lyons Valley region of Jamul with an affordable reliable high speed internet connection allowing the residents of Lyons Valley to enjoy all the modern day benefits the internet has to offer.

In 2014 JAMUL WIRELESS reached its capacity limit of wireless internet members and could not provide additional service to the growing number of residents requesting high speed internet service. Justin reached out to his younger brother Roman Paine and together the two formed WOTUS INC "Wireless of the United States", and immediately sought to expand their high speed internet service to all Jamul residents looking for a dependable and affordable high-speed internet provider with no data caps.

In early 2015 WOTUS INC expanded the JAMUL WIRELESS community and is proud to now be offering service to most of eastern and north-eastern Jamul, encompassing the Lyons Valley, Bratton Valley, Lawson Valley, Deerhorn Valley and Wisecarver communities with many more regions in progress and slated for development.

JAMUL WIRELESS and WOTUS INC would like to thank all of our network members for their continued business and support throughout the businesses inception and expansion. We hope to repay your support with quality installations, friendly support and excellent customer service. Thank you and we look forward to earning your business.

Whether you are the casual wireless user, or you need to provide your entire business with reliable high-speed internet access, we have a flexible plan for you; all at low monthly rates with no data caps!